Automated Foot Washers (Herringbone)

Do you have problems with Dermatitis? If so Target Solutions has the solution. Wash and treat while they milk with our Foot Washer. Clean treatment for every cow. Ideal for robotic milking systems.

Foot Wash Systems can be adapted to suit Rotary and Herringbone systems.

Herringbone System Specifications

5 L per Cow per Minute wash. 200 L chemical for milking 160 cow herd.

Need 13 Amp Socket & 4 Bar Water Supply

IP/Network Cameras

Target Solutions offers a range of quality network cameras (to suit all budgets) for your calving/lambing and/or security requirements. These cameras can be viewed from any Computer/Laptop or Internet ready phone for your peace of mind, whether in bed or away from home! Save yourself endless trips to the calving/lambing shed to check on their progress, instead view what's happening out there from your PC/Laptop or mobile phone.

If using cameras for yard and/or building security , frame change technology provides the means to trigger recording and alert your mobile phone by email that movement has occurred, allowing you to log on to that camera and take action if necessary.

These cameras can be hardwired or wirelessly connected back to your internet router (see Wireless Internet)

Motors, Pumps and Control Systems

Can you save on your energy bill by controlling your water/slurry pumping/generator control?

Does your vacuum relief pump operate during milking? Control the vacuum by fitting a variable speed drive to your vacuum pump.

Water pumps and pressure sets with level and flow control available.

"Our aim is to Target your problems with an automated/control solution, saving you valuable time and money."

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"Our aim is to Target your problems with an automated/control solution, saving you valuable time and money."

Problem - Local farmer was installing a new passage and crush system. They had the idea of having several gates between the holding pen and the crush, so that he could control the flow of cattle to the crush, but wasn't sure of the best way to control the gates.

Solution - Target Solutions provided the control system for the gates which ensured a smooth and continuous flow of cattle to the crush for testing. The first time the new system was used was for TB testing and 970 cattle were tested through the system in approximately 8 hours.

Wireless Internet Systems

Do you require an internet connection to your sheds, parlour or outside office etc? Or are you already paying for two telephone lines and two different internet connections?

Why pay for that second line and second Internet connection when you can utilise the connection you already have? (This system allows you to connect wirelessly up to 1Km with line of sight from your main aerial)

You can make your farm/property into a wireless network, allowing you to connect to your out of house Pc's from the comfort of your own home.

Once you have a wireless network established, you can easily add IP/Network Cameras (see IP/Network Cameras) for calving /lambing pens, stock monitoring and /or security.

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